Working With Crystals & Chakras ✽

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to energise, balance & cleanse the Chakras. The functioning of our Chakras affects all levels of our being from physical & emotional, to mental & spiritual. Because of this, they are oftentimes tied to blockages we are facing in our current life. This is why understanding the purpose of each Chakra & the associated crystals can be incredibly important in our healing process. Before knowing what stone resonates with each Chakra, it is essential to understand what exactly the Chakras are & how each one functions.

what is a chakra?

The word Chakra is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”, or “circle of life”. These energetic “wheels” refer to the spiritual energy centres within the human body, & have held great significance within Hindu & Tantric Buddhist teachings. There are many ideas about the shape of the Chakras. Some say they are like whirling discs, others believe they are like flowers hanging from the spine, or balls of light. These different ideas exist simply because the Chakras cannot be seen by the eyes.

Whilst some people suggest that 12, 22, or even 114 energy points exist within the human form, the most widely accepted & understood model is the Seven Chakra System. These seven primary Chakras run along the spine from the base, through the neck & all the way to the crown of your head. These Chakras connect your body & mind to your emotions & spirit, & hold great importance to your wellbeing on every level. Each Chakra carries a particular set of associations, such as specific herbs, frequencies, colours, foods, symbols, mantras, &, of course, gemstones, which can be utilised in order to bring the energy into balance.

Within each Chakra is ‘prana’ or pure healing energy that is all around us & within us. It is important for this energy to flow in order to keep us healthy, happy & vibrant. When our Chakras are open, spinning & aligned, our energy is constantly flowing, which allows prana to move through them with ease. However, an energy centre that is out of balance & interferes with our body’s natural energy flow can lead to emotional & spiritual disturbances. A Chakra may become blocked, under-active, or over-active for various reasons, such as emotional upsets, illness, blocked emotions like anger, pain etc., unresolved childhood trauma, or even karmic or past life issues. Chakras also relate closely to our physical wellbeing, so it is important to nourish our body with proper food & nutrients so our energy flows well.

If we can work on our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health, we can promote the flow of energy through our Chakras. Clearing out the clutter in our lives physically & emotionally will help to strengthen the flow of energy. Forgiveness is significant & enhances our energetic health. Reiki, yoga, kinesiology & any type of energy healing can bring back balance & promote wellbeing on all levels. Whilst you may seek out a professional to help rebalance your Chakras, it is important to note that there are also many practices that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to bring balance back into your life. This is why using crystals alongside Chakra healing is so special. Laying or placing the stones on the body where the Chakra is located is the best method & is something you can do all by yourself. If you don’t wish to lie down, you can simply sit & hold the crystal in your hand, placing your other hand over the Chakra location & visualising the flow of energy.

Click the pages below to discover where each of the 7 major & 3 minor Chakras are situated in (& out of) the body. You will also find common signs of an unbalanced Chakra & different ways to rebalance them. Lastly, you will discover a list of common crystals that resonate with each of the Chakras. Becoming familiar with these associations can prove incredibly useful on your crystal shopping adventures!