• Sanskrit Name: Anahata
    Colour: Green

    Element: Air
    Located: In the heart region
    Mantra: Yam
    Body Parts Affected: immune, respiratory & circulatory systems, chest, heart

    Reflection: How can I be more loving towards myself? Who in my life do I love unconditionally? How have my past experiences or relationships shaped my views on love? When in my life have I truly shown forgiveness? In what ways do I express compassion to myself & others?

  • Balanced Heart Chakra: harmonious, forgiving towards self & others, unconditional love towards others & towards oneself, compassionate & empathetic, open-hearted, giving & receiving in balance, healthy relationships.

    Unbalanced Heart Chakra: lonely, withdrawn & isolated, bitter & hateful, distrustful, unforgiving, feeling unloved or unwanted, afraid of close relationships, lack of self-care, overly-trusting or naive, poor boundaries, co-dependant, self-sacrificing, jealous.

    Affirmation: “I love & accept myself for who I am. I am worthy of love.”

  • Healing: Surround yourself with greenery. Recite affirmations for self-love & practice being grateful every morning. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. Eat Heart Chakra foods such as avocados, broccoli, leafy greens, green tea, kiwis, basil, parsley, sage. Use essential oils such as geranium, rose, jasmine. Practice Heart Chakra yoga with cobra pose, eagle pose, fish pose, half lord of the fishes, wheel pose.

  • Morganite

  • Rhodochrosite

  • Rose Quartz

  • Kunzite

  • Emerald

  • Green Aventurine

  • Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Jade

  • Green Calcite

  • Prehnite

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