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Leopardskin Jasper Tumble

Leopardskin Jasper Tumble

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The Spirit Animal Stone 

bravery ~ connection to nature & animals ~ encourages you to stand up for yourself ~ reveals your spirit animal ~ protection ~ shamanic travelling ~ vitality

Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively  l   Size: approx. 3cm x 2.5cm
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Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper, also called Jaguar Stone, is a variety of spotted Rhyolite commonly found in Mexico, Peru & the United States. With its unique leopard-like pattern, this stone can inspire a similar strength & ferocity to the fierce creature it resembles. It is a powerful protector that can encourage bravery, courage & confidence. This is the perfect companion for anyone struggling to stand-up for themselves or overcome their fears...

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