• Also Known As: Thymus or Etheric Heart Chakra
    Colour: Aquamarine
    Located: Between the Throat & Heart Chakras
    Body Parts Affected: thymus gland
    Reflection: How do I define my soul mate? Recall a moment in which you shared or experienced true, unconditional love, free of ego? How do I show my love for the Universe, for others & for myself?

  • Balanced Higher Heart Chakra: see love in everyone & everything you encounter, empathetic & compassionate, connected to your soul group, selfless & giving without expectation, forgiving even in the most challenging times, pleasant dreams, easily expresses love & affection, speaks from the heart.

    Unbalanced Higher Heart Chakra: over-protective, holding onto resentment & pain from your past, carrying hatred from previous incarnations, accepting unacceptable behaviour, struggling to love oneself & others, unable to recognise the divine love that surrounds you, loving with condition, disconnected dreams, lacking empathy.

    Affirmation: “I am an infinite & abundant expression of divine & unconditional love.”

  • Healing: Tap over your thymus, just below your collarbones. This chakra responds well to sound therapy - play a singing bowl in F# or listen to healing frequencies. Make it a daily practice to sit for a few moments in a state of love & compassion. Connect lovingly to the people around you - engage in acts-of-kindness or get involved with volunteering or charity. Use essential oils such as melissa, thyme, petitgrain.

  • Dioptase

  • Green Kyanite

  • Hiddenite

  • Pink Amethyst

  • Phosphosiderite

  • Ajoite

  • Wavellite

  • Tsavorite Garnet

  • Tiffany Stone

  • Petalite

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