• Sanskrit Name: Muladhara
    Colour: Red

    Element: Earth
    Located: At the base of the spine

    Mantra: Lam
    Body Parts Affected: pelvic & lower back, bladder, legs, feet, adrenals
    Reflection: What places/people make me feel the safest? Who supports me during difficult times? Is my attention focused on my past, present or future? Do I take time during my day to connect with nature? Where in my life do I feel I most struggle to survive?

  • Balanced Root Chakra: stable & secure, assertive, independent, energetic, strong, grounded in the present, safe, connected to the earth.

    Unbalanced Root Chakra: disconnected from the world, wanting to escape responsibilities, exhausted or tired, lack of purpose, unstable, trouble concentrating, insecure, dependant, overly concerned with emotional/physical well-being, frustrated, overeating, greed, material fixation, feeling stuck, fear-based decision-making.

    Affirmation: “I trust the process of Life. I am safe.”

  • Healing: Walk barefoot on the grass or get outside in nature. Visualise roots from your feet grounding you to the Earth. Eat Root Chakra foods such as sweet potatoes, beetroots, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries. Use essential oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver. Practice Root Chakra yoga with warrior pose, tree pose, mountain pose, garland pose.

  • Red Jasper

  • Hematite

  • Almandine Garnet

  • Black Obsidian

  • Jet

  • Fire Agate

  • Ruby

  • Bloodstone

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Smoky Quartz

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