• Sanskrit Name: Sutara
    Colour: White
    Located: Approximately 15 centimetres above the Crown Chakra
    Reflection: How does my life purpose fit into the bigger picture of the Universe? If I listen closely, what wisdom can I discover within my soul?

  • Balanced Soul Star Chakra: one with the Universal consciousness, driven towards your soul’s purpose, finding harmony between your physical & nonphysical self, receptive of divine guidance & wisdom through dreams or inner knowing, living as one with your higher self, connected to past-life memories, balanced Crown Chakra.

    Unbalanced Soul Star Chakra: craving meaning, lost, lacking faith in the Universe & therefore oneself, motions of day-to-day life take priority over a life of meaning, desperate for spiritual experiences, living as though you are a human being having a spiritual experience

    Affirmation: “I am a vessel of divine light, divine love & divine power. My soul holds the infinite guidance & wisdom of the Universe within.”

  • Healing: Self-examination & self-discovery. Explore breath-work, crystal/past-life healing, hypnotherapy, & spiritual ceremonies/medicine - such as Ayahuasca (reminder: it may not be for everyone, & that’s okay!) Balancing your Crown Chakra may also help. Actively work towards becoming aware & tapping into your soul purpose. Don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure what that is just yet, be patient & be open.

  • Danburite

  • Herkimer Diamond

  • Lemurian Quartz

  • Phenacite

  • Afghanite

  • Kammererite

  • Sugilite

  • Cacoxenite

  • Amphibole Quartz

  • Seraphinite

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