Crystals & Your Astrology Sign ☽

One simple way to choose a crystal for yourself or another is to select a crystal based on a specific zodiac sign. Unlike birthstones, there is an incredibly wide variety of stones associated with each of the 12 signs. These corresponding gems can empathise or soften specific qualities of the astrological sign we carry, helping us to find true balance within. Using stones alongside not only your
Sun sign, but also your entire birth chart, can generate a powerful & magical exchange of energies. Once you understand your natal chart, you may be able to notice what signs are out-of-balance, & use the power of crystals to strengthen or balance them.

For example; While someone may have a Taurus Sun Sign, they may also have Venus in the sign of Aries. Therefore, for any issues arising within relationships, that person might resonate more with an Aries crystal.

What is a birth chart?

A natal or birth chart is a map showing the position of each planet & the sign they occupied at the time & location of your birth. It is unique to every person, like a photograph taken of the sky at the exact moment you were born. It’s not your Sun sign alone that influences you as a person but each & every celestial body in our solar system. Your Moon & angles are just as important as your Sun sign. You also have both inner & outer planets as well as asteroids, points & fixed stars that all come together to help make you into the person you are. The position of these planets can reveal many things such as your strengths, weaknesses, personality characteristics, life patterns & even the timing of critical events & major life changes. Understanding your chart shines a light on your hidden talents & helps you to discover the most unknowable parts of your being.

Each of the 12 signs has its own special & unique qualities, both negative & positive, which can be strengthened & balanced with the help of crystals. The list of crystals included in the following pages is not all-inclusive, however it does highlight the most common related stones. Click the signs below to discover your perfect zodiac crystal & much more!