• Symbol


  • Archetype

    The Lion

  • Element


  • Ruling Planet

    The Sun

  • Flower


  • Colours

    Orange, Brick Red, Hot Pink

  • Constellation


  • Birthstone

    Ruby (July) or Peridot, Spinel, Sardoynx (August)


Confident, affectionate, generous, courageous, prideful, dramatic, self-focused, Brave, Warm-hearted.

You are a natural born leader, known for your confidence & heart of gold. Ruled by the Sun, you too shine brightly during times of darkness, leading the way ahead for others to follow. Your bravery & fearlessness is admirable, & an inspiration to all you meet. You are fierce, determined & strong, yet full of generosity, loyalty & love. As a Leo, you are proud, regal & fiercely protective of those you love. You were born to be in the spotlight. The world is your stage & you are the star. With such a commanding presence, all heads turn when you enter the room. Creativity & passion flow through your veins. You have a drive to accomplish & achieve. Never forget that you hold the power of the Sun within you. The world would not shine as bright without you in it. 

  • Sunstone

    To enhance Leo warmth

  • Amber

    To encourage Leo positivity

  • Citrine

    To help you shine brighter

  • Tiger Eye

    To soothe fear of criticism

  • Bronzite

    To enhance Leo generosity

  • Mookaite

    To enhance Leo courage

  • Polychrome Jasper

    To boost potential & passion

  • Lemon Calcite

    To bring inspiration

  • Pyrite

    To enhance leadership skills

  • Dumortierite

    To bring self-discipline

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