• Symbol


  • Archetype

    The Water Bearer

  • Element


  • Ruling Planet


  • Flower


  • Colours

    Orchid Purple, Cornflower Blue, Turquoise

  • Constellation


  • Birthstone

    Garnet (January) or Amethyst (February)


Inquisitive, original, inventive, humanitarian, detached, over-thinker, Intellectual.

You are a visionary, filled with unique ideas & brilliant thoughts. Your mind is your palace, the place where you can go to explore the endless possibilities of life. Always seeking to change & improve, you are driven towards making the world a better place. Individualistic, freedom-loving & unrestrained are just a few words to describe Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom, you are a natural-born rebel. You aren’t afraid to break the rules & you are certainly not afraid to stand out. You are special, unique & unapologetically you. This is your power & it inspires everyone you meet. You are a problem-solver, an inventor, a genius. You are smart, independent & unpredictable, a great listener & a powerful speaker. Whilst you value your friendships, you also greatly value your time alone. Each day you wake with a purpose to simply be yourself. One-of-a-kind, there truly is no-one else like you.

  • Moldavite

    To invite change & purpose

  • Fuchsite

    To soothe aloofness

  • Ruby Zoisite

    To enhance Aquarius uniqueness

  • Ruby Fuchsite

    To support humanitarian pursuits

  • Amphibole Quartz

    To strengthen gifts & talents

  • Sugilite

    To bring emotional openness & healing

  • Amethyst

    To bring inspiration & ideas

  • Angelite

    To ease overthinking

  • Larvikite

    To strengthen concentration

  • Chrysanthemum Stone

    To enhance friendliness

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