• Symbol


  • Archetype

    The Scorpion

  • Element


  • Ruling Planet


  • Flower


  • Colours

    Black, Burgundy, Deep Indigo

  • Constellation


  • Birthstone

    Tourmaline, Opal (October) or Golden Topaz, Citrine (November)


Mysterious, powerful, deep, seductive, suspicious, secretive, passionate, vengeful, Perceptive.

You are a powerful storm, with a magnetic & alluring presence. As you delve deep into all that is hidden & uncertain, you discover an appreciation for the beauty & mystery of the world that very few can recognise. With a soul as deep as the ocean, you are not afraid to plunge into the darkest depths of the unknown. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of regeneration, you are forever transforming & growing. Beneath your tough & intense exterior, you are faithful, loyal & fiercely protective of those you love. You are a wise being, able to persevere through any challenge or obstacle. Blessed with an inner knowing & a powerful intuition, you are gifted with the uncanny ability to see beyond the veil. As a tireless seeker of truth, you go after what you want with determination & dedication. With such power & force, nothing can get in your way.

  • Black Obsidian

    To enhance Scorpio power

  • Shungite

    To bring protection

  • Indigo Gabbro

    To enhance intuition

  • Black Moonstone

    To enhance Scorpio perception

  • Tourmalinated Quartz

    To deflect negatvitiy

  • Dioptase

    To soothe resentment

  • Cobaltoan Calcite

    To encourage love & forgiveness

  • Rhodochrosite

    To ease suspicion & carefulness

  • Fire Agate

    To break negative patterns

  • Calligraphy Stone

    To invite higher wisdom

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