• Symbol


  • Archetype

    The Ram

  • Element


  • Ruling Planet


  • Flower


  • Colours

    Fire Red, Salmon Pink, Sunflower Yellow

  • Constellation


  • Birthstone

    Aquamarine / Bloodstone (March)

    Diamond (April)


Fiery, passionate, Courageous, Independent, Bold, outgoing, confident, competitive, pioneering, impulsive, impatient.

You have been born with an inner fire that roars & burns brightly. Filled with ambition & an almighty force, you face the world head on with no hesitation. Wildly independent, you are driven towards a life of adventure, excitement & freedom. Yet, despite this unrestrained nature, you make a fiercely loyal friend & an incredible leader. Your resilience is greatly admired & ignites a spark of inspiration & hope in everyone you meet. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are drawn towards action & new beginnings. Bold & remarkable, you seek to be number one in all that you do. Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, you are a fearless warrior with a competitive spirit. There is nothing that can get in your way from following your dreams. This inner power you hold is a gift, let it shine for the world to see. 

  • Red Jasper

    To enhance Aries passion

  • Sardonyx

    To enhance Aries confidence

  • Golden Healer Quartz

    To enhance Aries cheerfulness

  • Fire Agate

    To encourage Aries strength

  • Axinite

    To encourage forethought

  • Bloodstone

    To enhance Aries confidence

  • Kiwi Jasper

    To brighten Aries playfulness

  • Blue Aventurine

    To soothe Aries impatience

  • Hematite

    To bring grounding & protection

  • Pinolith

    To invite Aries to slow down

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