• Symbol


  • Archetype

    The Maiden

  • Element


  • Ruling Planet


  • Flower


  • Colours

    Soft Brown, Beige, Leaf Green

  • Constellation


  • Birthstone

    Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx (August) or Sapphire (September)


Analytical, dedicated, organised, perfectionist, elegant, shy, critical, fussy. Modest, Helpful, Responsible.

You have a hard-working spirit, with a practical & focused drive. A perfectionist by nature, you are always striving to be the best &, in turn, you inspire those around you to do the same. There is no sign more organised or meticulous than Virgo. You discover the small details in the world that go unnoticed by everyone else. Ruled by Mercury & the Maiden, you are both logical & kind. You carry an aura of innocence, elegance & gentleness wherever you go. Helpful, resourceful & intelligent are just a few words to describe Virgo. You are the ultimate combination of brains & beauty. You are the backbone of the zodiac, the healer, the servant. Pure as can be, you seek to help others & make a difference in the world. You are forever improving & learning. But always remember that you are perfect just the way you are.

  • Chrome Diopside

    To bring grounding

  • Green Aventurine

    To enhance clarity

  • Moss Agate

    To strengthen Virgo reliability

  • Amazonite

    To soothe Virgo self-criticism

  • Kammererite

    To awaken inner-wisdom

  • Sapphire

    To ease mental chatter

  • Ajoite

    To strengthen Earth connection

  • Howlite

    To strengthen the mind

  • Maligano Jasper

    To encourage positive self-talk

  • Petrified Wood

    To enhance knowledge

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