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Turquoise 'Kingman' 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Turquoise 'Kingman' 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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The Wholeness Stone 

tranquillity ~ heaven & earth connection ~ clarity ~ love ~ spiritual truth ~ self-acceptance ~ worth ~ serenity ~ clairaudience ~ one of the oldest protection & healing stones ~ fortune


925 Sterling Silver  l  Price is for one pendant, exactly as pictured.
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Turquoise is a fantastic communication stone that can inspire honest words & ease even the harshest inner critic. Calming, tranquil & serene are just a few words associated with this ocean-coloured gem. It supports anxious or nervous individuals to relax & better deal with stress. This crystal encourages a stronger bond between heaven & Earth, helping you to connect to loved ones above, support spiritual communication & boost clairaudience (hearing)...

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