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History & Origin:

Turquoise is a famous blue-green phosphate mineral that is most commonly associated with the American southwest. Arizona is known for its incredible Turquoise (Kingman + Sleeping Beauty,) however it can also be found in Hubei China, Tibet, Peru & Mexico (Campitos). It has a rich history, being used to produce gemstones & sculptures for more 6,000 years. From the Navajo & Zuni people, to the Ancient Egyptians & Aztecs, this gem has held great spiritual importance to countless cultures across the globe. Turquoise is one of the oldest healing stones, bringing protection, wisdom, & good fortune to anyone who holds it

Metaphysical Properties:

Turquoise is a fantastic communication stone that can inspire honest words & ease even the harshest inner critic. Calming, tranquil & serene are just a few words associated with this ocean-coloured gem. It supports anxious or nervous individuals to relax & better deal with stress. This crystal encourages a stronger bond between heaven & Earth, helping you to connect to loved ones above, support spiritual communication & boost clairaudience (hearing.)  A stone of wholeness, Turquoise can bring love into your life & encourage you to be open & truthful to the people you care for most.

How to use:

Since Turquoise is the birthstone of December, gift to a loved one born during this month. Hold over your Throat Chakra to inspire communication, honesty & peace. Use during meditation to bring spiritual truth, inspire relaxation & connect you to above.

!  This stone should avoid contact with water.

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