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Ruby Zoisite Tumble

Ruby Zoisite Tumble

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The Rejuvenation Stone 

self-awakening ~ renewing ~ individuality ~ passion ~ independence ~ creative expression ~ manifestation ~ confidence ~ spiritual growth ~ transformation ~ spontaneity

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Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively  l     Size: approx. 2.5cm x 1.5cm
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Ruby Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite, is an unusual & vibrant combination of crimson red Ruby & bright green Zoisite. With its energetic & passionate energy, this stone invites renewal, transformation & awakening into all areas of life. It inspires individuality, authentic self-expression & independence. If you have been feeling reluctant or unconfident in expressing your true self, Ruby in Zoisite can bring the inspiration & inner strength to let your unique light shine...

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