Ruby Zoisite

Also known as: Anyolite

self-awakening - renewing - individuality - passion - independence - creative expression - manifestation - confidence - spiritual growth - transformation - spontaneity

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History & Origin:

Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite, is an unusual & vibrant combination of crimson red Ruby & bright green Zoisite. This stone sometimes contains black streaks, caused by inclusions of the Amphibole mineral Hornblende. Ruby Zoisite was first discovered in Tanzania, around 1949. All of this mineral still comes from this region, specifically the Merelani Hills, which is located close-by to the rare Tanzanite deposits.

Metaphysical Properties:

With its energetic & passionate energy, this stone invites renewal, transformation & awakening into all areas of life. It inspires individuality, authentic self-expression & independence. If you have been feeling reluctant or unconfident in expressing your true self, Ruby in Zoisite can bring the inspiration & inner strength to let your unique light shine. It encourages you to embrace the creative, fun & eccentric parts of who you are, rather than hide them away. This stone is perfect for artists, designers, writers, musicians or creatives in general, as it activates creative drive, motivation & passion. It attracts positivity, love, fun, spontaneity & joy, inspiring a zest for life & a grateful outlook. Ruby in Zoisite is also a fantastic stone for anyone starting on their spiritual path. It brings excitement & inspires learning, curiosity & inner growth. 

How to use:

Carry with you to encourage self-expression, individuality & independence. Place near your workspace to inspire creativity, motivation & excitement. Display in your home to bring spiritual growth, manifestation & transformation.