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Pietersite 8mm Bracelet

Pietersite 8mm Bracelet

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The Tempest Stone

inner power ~ brings vivid dreams ~ strength ~ aids in expressing internalised feelings ~ highly-charged ~ boosts psychic energy ~ ambition ~ eases distress ~ transformation ~ journeying


All bracelets are hand-beaded by Love Potion Crystals  l  Available in small, medium or large
Price is for one 8mm bracelet, selected intuitively.
Bracelet Size Guide
If you don’t know your bracelet size, we recommend using a flexible measuring tape, string or strip of paper to determine your size in centimetres. Ensure that it fits comfortably. Use the guide below as reference:
Small (approx. 22 8mm beads) - 15-16.5cm
♡ Medium (approx. 24 8mm beads) - 16.5-18cm
Large (approx. 26 8mm beads) - 18-19.5cm

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Pietersite is a magnificent & enchanting variety of Chalcedony, embedded with fibres of the amphibole mineral Riebeckite. Pietersite is a stone of spiritual strength & energy. Its swirling colours hold the essence of a wild storm, with its brilliant golden chatoyant flashes & dark blue thunderclouds. This pattern reflects Pietersite’s powerful & highly charged energy, as well as its ability to ease emotional turmoil & calm nerves...

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