Also known as: Tempest Stone

inner power - brings vivid dreams - strength - aids in expressing internalised feelings - highly-charged - boosts psychic energy - ambition - eases turmoil & distress - transformation - journeying - creative confidence

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History & Origin:

Pietersite is a magnificent & enchanting variety of Chalcedony, embedded with fibres of the Amphibole mineral Riebeckite (in the form of Crocidolite.) It can be recognised by its unique swirling, thunder-like pattern, caused by broken mineral fragments that have been re-cemented together by Quartz (referred to as brecciated). Closely related to Tiger & Hawk’s Eye, this stone is quite rare & only found in two locations; Namibia, South Africa & Henan, China. It occurs in brilliant shades of blue, red, & gold, & displays a mesmerising chatoyant effect. Blue is the rarest & most sought after colour (often found in Africa), followed by red. Pietersite is named after its discoverer, Sid Pieters, a well-known gem & mineral dealer, who first described it in 1962.

Metaphysical Properties:

Pietersite is a stone of spiritual strength & energy. Its swirling colours hold the essence of a wild storm, with its brilliant golden chatoyant flashes & dark blue thunderclouds. This pattern reflects Pietersite’s powerful & highly charged energy, as well as its ability to ease emotional turmoil & calm nerves. It can soothe worries surrounding elemental disruptions, such as storms, windy weather or rain. Furthermore, it can strengthen fearlessness, willpower as well as ignite drive, focus & ambition. This stone helps to release internalised anger, guilt or frustration in a healthy manner, allowing you to let go of any stagnant energy holding you back. This is the perfect gem for reminding you that you are a spiritual being on a human journey. It can heighten intuition, strengthen connection to the Source & inspire spontaneous change. Oftentimes, people that are going through a period of deep personal transformation will be drawn to this stone.

How to use:

Place over Third Eye or Solar Plexus Chakra to strengthen intuition & recharge. Carry with you to invite transformation, personal power & emotional expression. Put under your pillow or on a bedside table to bring vivid dreams.

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