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Lepidolite (Gem) Heart

Lepidolite (Gem) Heart

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The Lullaby Stone 

soothing ~ relieves stress & anxiety ~ hope ~ self-love ~ inner peace ~ emotional balance ~ acceptance ~ promotes restful sleep ~ transformative

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Price is for one heart, selected intuitively  l  Size: approx. 1cm x 1cm
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Lepidolite is a beautiful lilac mineral belonging to the Mica family. It contains a high amount of lithium - a type of metal that is often used in the medicinal field to treat anxiety & mood swings. This stone holds a soothing energy that can lessen feelings of worry, stress & fear. It can stabilise emotions & bring you a feeling of peace, balance & ease. This stone encourages deep sleep & can lessen insomnia, hyper-activity, nightmares & racing thoughts...

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