Also known as: Lithia Mica, The Lullaby Stone

soothing - relieves stress & anxiety - hope - self-love - inner peace - emotional balance - acceptance - promotes restful sleep - transformative 

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History & Origin:

Lepidolite is a beautiful purple-pink/lilac mineral belonging to the Mica family. It contains a high amount of lithium - a type of metal that is often used in the medicinal field to treat anxiety & mood swings, as well as in microwaves & rechargeable batteries. It was named in 1792 by Martin Klaproth, deriving from the Greek words lepidos meaning "scale" & lithos meaning "stone". Like other varieties of Mica, Lepidolite forms in thin sheets or "books" known as a basal cleavage. It can be found in places such as Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia, Canada, Madagascar & the US. Interestingly, this mineral is also one of the main sources of the rare alkali metals Rubidium & Cesium.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone holds a soothing energy that can lessen feelings of worry, stress & fear. It can stabilise emotions & bring you a feeling of peace, balance & ease. This stone encourages deep sleep & can lessen insomnia, hyper-activity, nightmares & racing thoughts. Connected to both the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Lepidolite brings stillness to your mind & soul, & strengthens judgement, trust & intuition. Spiritually, it can assist you in better recognising coincidences, synchronicity & psychic messages. It is also perfect for healing emotional wounds & restoring the Heart Chakra after the loss of a loved one or a separation. It brings self-acceptance, patience, hope & transformation. 

How to use:

Hold in your hand when feeling emotionally overwhelmed, stressed or panicked to bring calmness & to rebalance your mood. Place under your pillow to bring a restful sleep & pleasant dreams. Carry with you to relieve self-criticism, anxiety & overthinking. 

! This stone should avoid contact with water.

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