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Lapis Lazuli Point Pendulum - 21.5cm

Lapis Lazuli Point Pendulum - 21.5cm

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A divination tool infused with the soothing and nurturing vibrations of Lapis Lazuli.

✽ Hexagonal shaped crystal point

✽ Approx. 21.5cm in size

✽ Brass chain in a platinum finish

You will receive one pendulum, selected intuitively.
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Lapis Lazuli

Found primarily in Afghanistan, Lapis Lazuli was one of the highest regarded gems in Ancient Egypt, associated with royalty, the gods above & the afterlife. It holds a strong connection to the heavens, awakening the Third Eye Chakra & encouraging communication with higher beings. It brings knowledge, intuition, wisdom, & insight from the distant past, as well as improves focus & memory...

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