Lapis Lazuli

celestial connection - psychic awareness & protection - vision - ancient wisdom - truth - friendship - peace - intellect - focus - improves memory - transcends the past

*The below geological information will cover Lazurite, which is the chief constituent of Lapis Lazuli.

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History & Origin:

Lapis Lazuli, also known simply as Lapis, is an intense blue coloured stone with a long & rich history. Unlike most other gem materials, Lapis Lazuli is not actually a mineral but, instead, a metamorphic rock composed of multiple minerals. Often speckled with Pyrite & Calcite, its famous blue colour is mainly derived from the presence of Lazurite, a blue silicate mineral & member of the Sodalite group. The word ‘Lapis’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘rock,’ & ‘Lapis’ is derived from the Persian word ‘Lāzhward’ meaning ‘blue.’ Lapis Lazuli has been mined in the same location in the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan for over 6,000 years &, whilst the highest-quality material is still mined out of Afghanistan today, it can also be found in places such as Chile, Russia & Myanmar. This ancient gemstone has been utilised in carvings, jewellery, inlays (such as in King Tutankhamen’s death mask,) sculptures & was supposedly even used as eye shadow by Cleopatra herself. In crushed form, Lapis was called Ultramarine - the bluest blue in an artist's palette. Ultramarine was considered during the Renaissance to be ‘worth more than gold’ & was famously used by Michelangelo in his painting of the Sistine Chapel.

Metaphysical Properties:

This mystical stone was one of the highest regarded gems in Ancient Egypt, associated with royalty, the gods above & the afterlife. It holds a strong connection to the heavens, awakening the Third Eye Chakra & encouraging communication with higher beings. It brings knowledge, intuition, wisdom, & insight from the distant past, as well as improves focus & memory. A stone of spiritual power, Lapis Lazuli can stimulate visions & dreams, as well as protect you against negative forces. This is the perfect stone for bringing knowledge, easy communication & concentration. Its cooling energy can ease stress & tension, inspiring a sense of peace & stillness in your environment. Lapis is also known as a stone of friendship as it can strengthen connections & bring balance & harmony.

How to use:

Use during meditation or keep nearby when sleeping to inspire stillness, relaxation & ancient wisdom through dreams & visions. Place over Third Eye Chakra to invite past life insight & spiritual connection.

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