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Green Opal Pebble

Green Opal Pebble

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The Nourishing Stone 

new perspective ~ nourishing ~ rebuilding ~ blooming after a challenging time ~ healing ~ abundance ~ emotional acceptance ~ reminder to keep growing ~ heart energy


Price is for one pebble, selected intuitively   l     Size: approx. 5cm x 3cm
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Green Opal

Green Opal's soft green hue inspires growth, renewal & rejuvenation, encouraging you to continue to bloom & flourish. Representing the Spring season after a quiet Winter, this gem brings the energy of rebirth, change & awakening. Green Opal carries a supportive, nourishing aura that can help awaken the heart as well as support health & wellbeing. This stone is perfect for strengthening, mending or rebuilding all types of relationships: friends, family, romantic or even business partnerships...

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