Green Opal

new perspective - nourishing - rebuilding - blooming after a challenging time - healing - abundance - emotional acceptance - reminder to keep growing - heart energy

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History & Origin:

Green Opal is a beautiful, lime-coloured variety of common Opal that is mixed with the mineral Nontronite. It can be found in locations such as Peru & Kenya.

Metaphysical Properties:

It's soft green hue inspires growth, renewal & rejuvenation, encouraging you to continue to bloom & flourish. Representing the Spring season after a quiet Winter, this gem brings the energy of rebirth, change & awakening. Green Opal carries a supportive, nourishing aura that can help awaken the heart as well as support health & wellbeing. This stone is perfect for strengthening, mending or rebuilding all types of relationships: friends, family, romantic or even business partnerships. Furthermore, this stone holds a loving vibration that can invite emotional understanding regarding both yourself & others. If you feel guarded, ashamed or struggle to let your true feelings out, this gem can remind you that its okay to embrace your emotional self. It can assist in attracting abundance & prosperity in all aspects of your life; emotionally, spiritually or financially.

How to use:

Hold in your hand to rejuvenate & nourish mind, body, & soul. Place over the heart to bring emotional acceptance, heart healing & inner harmony. Keep in the home to inspire nourishing, growth & renewal. 

! Since some Green Opals have a high water content & are sensitive to temperature changes, it is best to avoid contact with direct sunlight.

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