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Fuchsite (Green Mica) Heart

Fuchsite (Green Mica) Heart

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The Fairy Stone 

healing ~ miracles ~ playfulness ~ emotional balance ~ renewal ~ inner child connection ~ nature & fairy magic ~ inspiration to follow your dreams ~ joy ~ love ~ self-compassion

Price is for one heart, selected intuitively  l  Size: approx. 1.5cm x 1.5cm
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Fuchsite, also known as Green Muscovite or Chrome Mica, is a dark green, chromium-rich variety of Muscovite. This glistening green mineral has a loving, radiant & joyful energy. It inspires you to find happiness in the little things as well as invite more playfulness & excitement into your day. Fuchsite represents the Spring season, inspiring renewal, growth, healing, new beginnings & miracles. Sparkling with magic & fairy dust, this crystal holds a connection to the hidden realm of sprites, fairies & earth spirits...

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