Also known as: Chrome Mica, Green Muscovite

healing - miracles - playfulness - emotional balance - renewal - inner child connection - nature & fairy magic - inspiration to follow your dreams - joy - love - self-compassion

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History & Origin:

Fuchsite, also known as Green Muscovite or Chrome Mica, is a dark green, chromium-rich variety of Muscovite. Part of the Mica family, this sparkly green mineral was named after Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs, a German chemist & mineralogist, in 1842. Its distinctive apple-green hue is due to trivalent chromium replacing one of the aluminium (Al) atoms in the general muscovite formula. As the amount of chromium increases, the green colour becomes more intense. A fairly common mineral, Fuchsite can be found in many locations including Brazil, South America, India, Russia, the United States, Germany, Madagascar, & Switzerland.

Metaphysical Properties:

This glistening green mineral has a loving, radiant & joyful energy. It inspires you to find happiness in the little things as well as invite more playfulness & excitement into your day. Fuchsite represents the Spring season, inspiring renewal, growth, healing, new beginnings & miracles. Sparkling with magic & fairy dust, this crystal holds a connection to the hidden realm of sprites, fairies & earth spirits. Fuchsite allows you to revisit the wonder & imagination from your childhood, connecting you with your dreams without worry, fear or doubt. If you have been feeling overwhelmed with your adult responsibilities, this vibrant stone can help you re-connect with your inner child as well as heal any pain still carried from the past.

How to use:

Place over your heart to inspire emotional healing, self-compassion & love. Keep near to invite playfulness, joy, magic & inspiration into your day. Hold in your hand to re-connect with your inner child & long-lost dreams.

! Due to its softness, this stone should avoid prolonged contact with water.

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