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Flower Agate Flame

Flower Agate Flame

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The Entrepreneur Stone

inspiring ~ manifesting ~ inner growth ~ success ~ transformation ~ new beginnings ~ nurturing ~ dream fulfilment ~ removes self-doubt & fear ~ aids discovery

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Price is for one flame, exactly as pictured  l  Size: approx. 10cm x 7.5cm
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Flower Agate

Newly discovered in 2018 in Madagascar, Flower Agate is a soft & encouraging stone, known for its gentle energy. Its surface is reminiscent of tiny blossoming flowers, created by the opaque Chalcedony inclusions within. Just like these blooming floral plumes, this stone encourages us to grow & evolve, from seeds into our fullest potential. Flower Agate calls us towards our dreams, releasing all apprehension, fear & doubt…

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