Flower Agate

Also known as: Cherry Blossom Agate

inspiring - manifesting - inner growth - success - transformation - new beginnings - nurturing - dream fulfilment - removes self-doubt & fear - aids discovery

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History & Origin:

Newly discovered in 2018 in Madagascar, Flower Agate is a variety of Agate with opaque Chalcedony inclusions within, known as plumes. Also known as Cherry Blossom Agate, its surface is reminiscent of tiny blossoming flowers. While often displaying hues of soft pinks, oranges & peaches, it can also be found in blacks or purple-greys & speckled with sparkling Quartz crystals.

Metaphysical Properties:

Just like these blooming floral plumes, this stone encourages us to grow & evolve, from seeds into our fullest potential. Flower Agate calls us towards our dreams, releasing all apprehension, fear & doubt. It is a powerful manifestation tool, perfect for entrepreneurs, new business owners or any one looking to start a new adventure. It helps to release emotional baggage holding you back from moving forward. Known for its self-discovering qualities, this stone allows you to uncover your true purpose. It lights the way towards your destiny &, no matter how big your dreams are, Flower Agate can help get you there.

How to use:

Keep one near your workstation to encourage success, drive, passion, positive thinking & manifestation. Hold one in your hand when feeling stagnant, anxious, stuck or doubtful. Carry with you to encourage self-growth, new beginnings & change. 

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