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Fire Quartz Tumble

Fire Quartz Tumble

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The Fire Stone 

burns away negative energy ~ grounding ~ release ~ exploration ~ enhances self-esteem ~ understanding ~ focuses energy ~ balances the body, mind & spirit

Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively   l    Size: approx. 3cm x 2cm
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Fire Quartz (Red Hematoid Quartz)

Fire Quartz, or known as Red Hematoid Quartz, works in a similar way to a letter-writing burn ritual. It can hold your worries, guilt, grief, anger & pain from the past, & burn them all away. This stone encourages & supports you in releasing negativity & baggage, in order for you to create space for light & love. Red Hematoid Quartz helps you to feel grounded, balanced & centred...

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