Fire Quartz

Also known as: Red Hematoid Quartz

burns away negative energy - grounding - release - exploration - enhances self-esteem - understanding - focuses energy - balances the body, mind & spirit

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History & Origin:

Red Hematoid or Fire Quartz is a variety of Quartz that contains Hematite inclusions. The Hematite &/or Limonite inclusions can show themselves as dark brown or red spots, streaks or clouds within the Quartz. Similar in composition to Strawberry Quartz, Fire Quartz can be distinguished by its beautiful orange-red colour & fiery energy. It can be found world-wide & is commonly polished in order to reveal its true beauty.

Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal works in a similar way to a letter-writing burn ritual. It can hold your worries, guilt, grief, anger & pain from the past, & burn them all away. This stone encourages & supports you in releasing negativity & baggage, in order for you to create space for light & love. Red Hematoid Quartz helps you to feel grounded, balanced & centred. It shows you where to focus your energy & is perfect for anyone who is easily distracted, overwhelmed, scattered or struggles to stay on task. This stone helps to increase self-worth & self-esteem, showing you all the wonderful qualities you hold. It burns away negative thoughts, leaving behind only joy, understanding & truth.

How to use:

Speak your worries & negative thoughts to your stone, allowing it to absorb them & send them away, transforming them into light. Use along-side a letter burning ritual to encourage release & healing. Carry with you to bring focus, self-confidence & grounding.

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