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Blue Lace Agate Small Butterfly Wings - Black Stand 13cm

Blue Lace Agate Small Butterfly Wings - Black Stand 13cm

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The Communication Stone 

soothing ~ relieves stress ~ brings hope ~ peace ~ encourages self-expression ~ aids communication ~ promotes forgiveness ~ truth ~ strengthens affirmative words


Price is for one set of wings, exactly as pictured  l    Size: approx. 13cm x 11.5cm
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Blue Lace Agate

Known for its beautiful soft hue & soothing energy, Blue Lace Agate can inspire self-expression & a feeling of peace & serenity. It is a stone of communication, helping those who have difficulty being heard, or who need confidence & articulation to share their thoughts & ideas to others. It is the perfect crystal for anyone struggling with social anxiety or anyone who has difficulty speaking their truth. This crystal has a calm, soothing vibe that assists in cooling off any angry, jealous or hateful feelings...

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