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Blue Lace Agate Point Pendant

Blue Lace Agate Point Pendant

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Embrace the abundant qualities of crystals and wear it close to your heart with these gorgeous mini Blue Lace Agate Point Pendants!

✽ Point-shaped quality crystal, approx. 2cm in size

✽ Brass findings in a platinum finish

✽ Perfect to pair with our Silver Stainless Steel or Black Waxed Cord Necklaces

You will receive one blue lace agate point pendant, selected intuitively. Necklaces are not included, sold separately.
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Blue Lace Agate

Known for its beautiful soft hue & soothing energy, Blue Lace Agate can inspire self-expression & a feeling of peace & serenity. It is a stone of communication, helping those who have difficulty being heard, or who need confidence & articulation to share their thoughts & ideas to others. It is the perfect crystal for anyone struggling with social anxiety or anyone who has difficulty speaking their truth. This crystal has a calm, soothing vibe that assists in cooling off any angry, jealous or hateful feelings...

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