A Guide To Crystal Effects & Formations ⭑

Just like polished shapes, certain natural formations (like a double-termination or twin) & natural effects (like asterism) can also affect the manner in which a crystal disperses & changes energy around it. These remarkable characteristics can aid healing in specific areas & can be a great way to help you choose your perfect crystal companion. Many of the forms outlined below can be incredibly rare & special to find, so keep an eye out the next time you head out on a crystal shopping adventure!

  • Rainbow

    Rainbows occur within crystals due to internal fractures or flaws, & are often found in Quartz & Fluorite. To find a crystal rainbow is a wonderful surprise. It is a gift of hope & joy from the Universe, & a reminder that, even through hardship, your inner light still shines bright.

  • Chatoyancy

    Chatoyancy, sometimes called Cat's Eye, is an optical effect that causes a luminous streak of light. It can be found in crystals such as Tigers Eye, Charoite, & many more. This effect brings a spark of magic & can help in uncovering or illuminating hidden truths.

  • Asterism

    Asterism or Star Chatoyancy is most notably found in Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ruby & Sapphire. These bright lines, caused by needle-like inclusions, overlay to form a beautiful star-like pattern. To find a star in your crystal is a message of hope, belief, magic & faith.

  • Geode

    Geodes may look just like regular rocks from the outside, but look inside to discover their true beauty. Geode Crystals bring guidance, protection, comfort & nurturing from Mother Earth herself. Each one holds a unique beauty & power within, just like each of us.

  • Cluster

    Crystal Clusters are a group of crystals that share a crystalline base. The multiple crystal points found within these clusters are united together to create a powerful force. Clusters radiate high-vibrational energy in all directions, strengthen group relationships, amplify intentions & remove negative vibes.

  • Rough

    Rough or raw crystals are almost completely untouched & unaltered, appearing just as they were found in the Earth. Because of this, they hold a strong connection to nature & the land. Their pure, intact energy brings strength, positive energy & grounding.

  • Stalactite

    Stalactites hang from the ceilings of caves & are formed from drops of mineral-rich water. Notable stalactites, that are often cut to reveal their true beauty, include Amethyst Flowers & Rhodochrosite slices. They hold ancient & hidden wisdom, knowledge & wonder within.

  • Double-Termination

    A Double-Terminated Crystal is a crystal with a natural termination on both ends. The energy in these crystals flows in both directions, gifting them with the ability to receive & transmit energy. They are perfect for healers & Reiki practitioners as they can balance chakras & replace negative energy with healing light.

  • Point

    Crystal Points are naturally occurring crystals with a single terminated point. They have the ability to send, focus & direct energy, making them perfect tools to use within crystal grids. Points can also amplify surrounding crystals & can be placed in the centre of a room to purify the space.

  • Tantric Twin / Soul Mate

    When two similar-sized crystal points grow together side-by-side, they are known as Twin Crystals. They can be connected at the base (Tantric Twin) or at a middle point (Soul Mate). Both of these formations inspire union & unconditional love. They can help strengthen bonds, reunite soul mates & attract karmic relationships.

  • Laser Point

    Laser Points or Wands are often long, thin & tapered towards the termination. They hold an intense & concentrated beam of energy, perfect for precision healing, cutting attachments, removing negativity or activating crystal grids.

  • Inclusion

    Included Crystals contain various minerals trapped within their form. These inclusions can create beautiful colours or garden-like formations, seen in crystals such as Lodolite & Chlorite Quartz. They create a combined mixture of properties & often bring powerful healing energy.

  • Phantom

    Phantom Crystals form when a layer of another mineral washes over the crystal during its growth cycle. This leaves a beautiful & ghost-like crystal image within its form. Phantoms are valued for their ability to inspire regeneration, spiritual insight, introspection, self-healing & connection to mother earth.

  • Key

    Keys are identified as an indention on a crystal, often hexagonal in shape, caused by interference from another crystal during the growth process. Key Crystals open doorways to other dimensions, as well as reveal secret information & hidden knowledge. They help you unlock the answers to the questions you seek.

  • Record Keeper

    A Record Keeper can be identified as a triangle on the face of a crystal, either sunken, upraised or reflected by light. This uncommon formation is often found in varieties of Quartz, Ruby & Sapphire. If you find a Record Keeper, you are being called to access to the infinite wisdom & knowledge of the Universe. This crystal holds information that can assist you in connecting to ancient beings, Akashic Records & past lives.

  • Isis Face

    Isis Crystals display a five-sided face on a crystal point, often symmetrical in appearance. These crystals often have a strong feminine or motherly energy that can help you connect to your inner goddess & spirit guides.

  • Diamond Window

    A Crystal Window appears as an equal diamond shaped window on a crystal face. These act as a 'window into the soul' & can inspire reflection, emotional understanding & self-development. They can help you recognise & release any blockages or patterns holding you back.

  • Self-Healed

    Self-healed crystals were once broken & naturally re-sealed their broken parts back together. These can appear as new growth on damaged edges, or as a visible crack that has re-healed. These miracle crystals signify healing, persistence, determination recovery. They can inspire perseverance through hardship & adversity.

  • Time Link ~ Future

    Future Time Link Crystals display a Right Activation Window or Portal, appearing as a parallelogram or right-leaning diamond on the crystal face. These crystals connect you to the future & bring insight into future events. They are often used in crystal healing to stimulate right-brain functions such as creativity, clairvoyance & imagination.

  • Time Link ~ Past

    Past Time Link Crystals display a Left Activation Window or Portal, appearing as a parallelogram or left-leaning diamond on the crystal face. These crystals connect you to the past & bring insight into previous lives. They are often used in crystal healing to stimulate left-brain functions such as logic, analysis & memory.

  • Akashic Lines

    Akashic or Lemurian Lines, also sometimes called Lineated Sides, appear as horizontal striations across the side facets of a crystal. These mystical lines hold a deeper knowing & understanding, which can be accessed by running your finger over the striations.

  • Bridge

    Bridge, Trigger or Inner Child Crystals can be recognised by a small crystal that is part in & part out of a larger crystal. They can act as a bridge between this world & the spiritual realm, or between your inner & outer self, making them perfect companions for your spiritual journey.

  • Channeler

    Channelling or Channeler Crystals have a large seven sided face. The opposite, rear face is a triangle. These formations often appear on Quartz crystals, & can help you connect to your higher self, inner wisdom & subconscious mind. Channelers are also said to aid in psychic & spiritual

  • Transmitter

    A Transmitter crystal is two seven sided faces side by side with a small triangle in between, in a 7-3-7 configuration. While they may be similar to Channelers in formation, they have a far more powerful & mysterious energy. Transmitters can assist you in accessing higher wisdom & can connect you to Spirit Guides & even Angels.

  • Elestial

    Elestial (usually Quartz) Crystals are recognisable by their multi-layered, stepped appearance, which is often accompanied by multiple terminations & etchings. Elestials hold an angelic & almost otherworldly energy. They bring Divine Love, which can help dissipate fear & doubt, especially to those who are grieving or in the process of transitioning from this world to the next.

  • Enhydro

    Enhydro refers to a crystal that contains a cavity filled with ancient water/air. Enhydros are usually exclusive to Chalcedony & caused by water seeping into the crystal over many years. If the bubble is formed at the same time as a crystal, it is called a Fluid Inclusion, & these formations are often found in crystals such as Quartz. These magical "Water Crystals" can also contain oil or carbon. Called the "Elixir of Life," they bring purity & cleansing to the soul, & contain ancient wisdom within.

  • Spirit / Druzy

    Crystals that have tiny crystals on the surface of a larger crystal body are known as Druzy Crystals. Spirit or Cactus Quartz has a distinct formation of a central crystal covered with smaller, outward pointing crystals. These shimmering formations have a magical, joyful & uplifting energy. They can act as a protective shield, bring spiritual guidance & radiate positive energy.

  • Manifestation

    Manifestation Crystals are rare & powerful formations. These crystals have a smaller "baby" crystal enclosed within. They make incredible manifesting companions & can be programmed by visualizing or verbalizing your intention & desires outloud, whilst holding the crystal in your hand.

  • Dendritic

    Dendrite appears as branch-like inclusions within a crystal. Their patterns often resemble trees, ferns or snowflake fractals. Ancient Greeks believed they were linked to the spirits of the forest & would bury them in fields to ensure a good harvest. Dendritic Crystals are perfect for inspiring ascension, growth, abundance & connection to the Earth.

  • Cross

    Cross Crystals occur when two crystals intersect with each other, creating the appearance of a cross or 'x' shape. Cross crystals often appear in your life to signal a current or upcoming 'cross road.' They offer their guidance to you, assisting you in finding direction & making decisions.

  • Scepter

    Scepter Crystals have a crystal formed over the top of another, almost like a crown. They can be identified by a long 'neck' or 'rod.' These crystals hold a powerful energy & enter your life to remind you of your importance here on Earth. They inspire self- confidence, action, inner power & the courage to be your true self.

  • Lemurian

    A Lemurian or Lemurian Seed Crystal is a form of Quartz, displaying distinct horizontal striations (Akashic Lines) on the sides of the crystal. These crystals are said to be connected to the lost city of Lemuria, & hold ancient information within the lines of code. They are the perfect crystal to strengthen intuition, bring divine wisdom & aid you on your spiritual journey.

  • Dow

    Dow or Trans-Channeler crystals have three seven-sided faces with a triangular face between each of them, combining the energy of both Channeler & Transmitter formations. They are considered "completion" crystals & old souls will find themselves drawn to them. They bring inner truth, healing & higher knowledge.

  • Etched

    Crystals that display Etching can be recognized by the existence of abrasions on the outer surface of the crystal. These markings often look like hieroglyphics, writing or mysterious symbols. Etched Crystals bring messages & guidance. Look at your etched crystal to discover what it is trying to communicate. You may find a Sigil or clear image that holds significance.

  • Cathedral

    A Cathedral Crystal, also known as a Lightlibrary, is composed of a large crystal point surrounded by smaller points embedded into the main crystal, reminiscent of turrets on an ancient castle. They are said to hold records of all that has occurred on Earth, future & past. Cathedral Crystals connect you to multidimensional consciousness & the library of divine wisdom. Their powerful vibrational energy can be placed in the centre of a group healing/meditation, to bring purpose & insight to all.

  • Tabular

    Tabular or Tabby Crystals are thin, flat crystals (at least twice as wide as they are deep). They are usually Clear Quartz & hold a playful, balanced & harmonious energy. A Tabular crystal is a great communication aid that can be used during times of confusion & misunderstanding. If you are struggling to interpret messages from the Spirit World, these crystals can bring understanding & clarity.

  • Japan Law Twin

    Japan Law Twins are an extremely rare Quartz variety. They are identified by two crystals, joined at an angle of about 84 degrees. This crystal resembles a 'V' shape, & can help to clear the aura of negativity. They have a positive vibration, assisting you in balancing your physical & spiritual states, & reaching agreements with others.

  • Empathetic

    An Empathetic crystal isn't technically a formation, but instead a crystal that has been broken during its growth, the mining process or in some other way. These damaged or chipped crystals inspire feelings of compassion, empathy & gratitude. They serve as a reminder that we are still beautiful, lovable & worthy despite our flaws.

  • Fairy Frost

    Fairy Frost is caused by internal fractures & inclusions of trapped air, water & gas. These fractures are quite commonly seen, & can cause the crystal to appear wispy & white, or shiny & silvery (called Mirror fractures.) These magical crystals can help you connect with Mother Earth, elemental beings & nature spirits.

  • Devic Temple

    Devic Temple Crystals are an extension of Fairy Frost. These crystals include internal fractures, rainbows or inclusions that resemble tiny beings, fairies or angels. Magical entities reside within this crystal & they offer you guidance, teaching & support. They are higher dimensional beings of light who watch over you & encourage you to connect with nature.

  • Curved

    Curved Crystals are simply crystals that have a bent or curved shape. They inspire a flexible & 'go with the flow' attitude. Instead of being stubborn & immovable, these unique & rare crystals invite you to adapt, change & grow.

  • Barnacle

    Barnacle Crystals are covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. They have a healing energy that can help attract new & old souls to one another. This crystal can invite karmic relationships & lessons into your life. Whether you are the wise mentor or the spiritual student, this crystal can connect you together in order to inspire teaching, learning, knowledge & sharing.

  • Faden

    A Faden Crystal or Faden Quartz displays a rare, often tabular formation that has fractured whilst it was growing & then re-healed, creating a noticeable line within. Faden Quartz can be easily programmed & is excellent for transmitting energy. They can bring growth, healing & the strength & courage to keep going.

  • Dolphin

    Dolphin or Baby Crystals are recognised as a larger crystal with a smaller crystal grown alongside. They may look similar to a Twin Crystal, but have a far more noticeable difference in size. Like a mother & her child, this crystal holds a loving, nurturing & playful energy. It can bring comfort to both children & mothers/fathers, as well as encourage learning & guidance.

  • E.T. / Alien

    Extra-Terminators, E.T or Alien Crystals are double-terminated crystals that have a single point at one end, & several terminations at the opposite end. Resembling a spaceship, this crystal can transport you to another world. It brings understanding to complex concepts & principles, as well as connects you to the Universe & higher realms.