A Guide To Crystal Shapes △

Looking at the energetic properties of different crystal shapes is another way to help you choose a crystal for your specific purpose. Different shapes, both natural & polished, can affect the way a crystal works with the energy around it, particularly how it takes in & puts out energy. Below is a list of cut, carved & polished crystal shapes, & their significance.

balances surrounding energy


Spheres have a smooth & symmetrical energy. They radiate evenly in all directions, inspiring balance.

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directs energy towards the universe


Obelisks held great spiritual importance to the Ancient Egyptians. The shape dissipates negativity & opens a doorway between the Earth & the heavens.

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sends out love & compassion


Heart-shaped crystals have a loving, gentle energy. They connect to the Heart Chakra & inspire harmony.

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brings healing, birth & new life


Crystal Eggs represent fertility, life & new beginnings. They can inspire the birth of new ideas & opportunities.

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a gentle energy that can be carried with you anywhere


Tumbled crystals are practical & the perfect stepping-stones into the world of crystals. They may seem basic, but their travel-friendly size makes them powerful companions.

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re-emerge from the ashes


Flame crystals hold a fiery energy within. They can inspire transformation, change & rebirth.

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soothes stress & aids meditation

Palm Stones

Palm or worry stones are meant to be held, particularly during meditation. They have a comforting, healing energy which makes them perfect for easing stress & anxiety.

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powerful, amplified energy to fill your home

Free Forms

Free Forms inspire freedom & originality. Their often large size makes them beautiful display pieces & gifts them with an amplified energy that can fill your space or home.

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grounded, earth energy


Crystal Cubes are great for placing on the body. Their solid form inspires grounding & protection, as well as helps you reconnect to the Earth.

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supports intentions & concentrates energy


Towers, points or generators have a focused, upwards energy, directed towards the Universe above. They can amplify the power of your intentions & surrounding crystals.

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transmutes negativity into positivity


Crystal wands or double-terminated crystals are great tools for healing. They can remove negativity & direct positive energy to the body, aura or chakras.

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powerful tool for manifestation


The pyramid is the perfect tool for manifesting your dreams & desires. The apex of the pyramid transmits your intentions to the Universe & the base collects divine knowledge from above.

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