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Sunstone Tumble

Sunstone Tumble

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The Sun Stone

warmth ~ joy ~ energy ~ brings fortune ~ leadership ~ radiance ~ inner power ~ creativity ~ abundance ~ vitality ~ inspires direction ~ freedom ~ independence ~ guidance

Leo Libra

Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively  l     Size: approx. 2.5cm x 2cm
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Sunstone is a variety of feldspar, (usually containing Hematite, Copper or Goethite) which is often found in warm shades of orange, gold & red. Myths & legends have long told stories of Sunstone & its abilities to light the way ahead. Connected to the Egyptian God Ra & Greek God Helios, this crystal is believed to hold the power of the Sun within. Sunstone brings joy, radiance, abundance & golden warmth. It is an incredibly empowering crystal, bringing you the confidence to let your light shine for the world to see…

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