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Pisces - Zodiac Tumbled Crystal Pack

Pisces - Zodiac Tumbled Crystal Pack

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Intuitive  Compassionate  Dreamy

Embrace the watery qualities of the Zodiac sign, Pisces, with this carefully curated Tumbled Crystal Pack! These affordable bundles also make a perfect gift for those born during Pisces season (February 19-March 20)

Crystals included:

✽ Clear Quartz - for clarity, healing & enhancing intuition
✽ Blue Lace Agate - for hope, truth & relieving stress
✽ Lavender Fluorite - for inner peace, mental clarity & spiritual connection
✽ Aquamarine - for calmness, insight & healing

You will receive one pack with four tumbled crystals. Crystals are subject to change due to availability.
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