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Orange Selenite Tumble

Orange Selenite Tumble

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The Sun God Stone 

cleansing ~ releases fears ~ inspires positivity ~ creativity ~ inner power ~ enhances other stones ~ recharging ~ eases anxiety in children ~ awakens the Sacral Chakra

Price is for one piece, selected intuitively   l   Size: approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm
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Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite energises the body, mind & aura, allowing you to feel balanced, positive & purified. It can work to remove fears surrounding rejection & abandonment, as well as help children in particular to overcome anxiety & phobias. It can raise your energy & vibration to a level of self-acceptance, joy & love. Whereas White Selenite is connected to the Moon Goddess Selene, Orange Selenite holds a powerful association with the Greek Gods Apollo & Helios, who rule over the Sun...

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