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Merlinite (Dendritic Agate) Tumble

Merlinite (Dendritic Agate) Tumble

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The Merlin Stone 

psychic growth ~ subconscious insight ~ prosperity ~ strengthens connection to nature ~ harmony ~ unveils hidden secrets ~ supports spiritual journey ~ aids emotional healing ~ magic


Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively   l   Size: approx. 2cm x 2.5cm
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Merlinite, also known as Dendritic Agate or Dendritic Opal, is a special variety of Agate/Chalcedony that displays fern-like inclusions known as dendrites. This stone brings acceptance, healing, & encourages us to grow & move forward on a spiritual path towards enlightenment. It is known as a stone of alchemists, witches & wizards, as it lifts the veil between the subconscious, secret & spiritual realms. It provides a connection to infinite knowledge, hidden magic & ancient wisdom...

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