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Intention Jar - Evil Eye Shielding Spell

Intention Jar - Evil Eye Shielding Spell

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Handmade Intention Jars made with love ♡ This jar is created with the intention of deflecting negative energy & protecting against the Evil Eye!

It contains a variety of shielding ingredients such as sea salt, black obsidian crystals, black peppercorns, blue chips, rosemary, blue cornflower & clove essential oil. These materials, alongside the programmed intention, all work together to bring protection against negativity, malice, envy or misfortune, sent unknowingly or intentionally by another. It has been sealed with a charm, blue ribbon & navy candle wax, to ensure the longevity of its purpose.

The best locations to place your Evil Eye Shielding Intention Jar include:

✽ At the entrance of your home - to guard against negative energy

✽ In a garden or tree - to bring positivity & harmony

✽ In a car - to protect against danger or misfortune

 On your work-desk - to protect against gossip & envy

✽ Or even in your living room or bedroom to clear away any bad energy or ‘evil eye glares’ picked up during your day.

You will receive one intention jar. Size is approx. 7.5cm x 2cm.
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