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Intention Jar - Bravery Spell

Intention Jar - Bravery Spell

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Handmade Intention Jars made with love ♡ This jar is created with the intention of bravery!

It contains a variety of powerful ingredients such as Pink Himalayan Salt, agate crystals, copper foil, black peppercorns, hibiscus flowers, dried calendula, tiger eye crystals & grapefruit essential oil. These materials, alongside the programmed intention, all work together to bring strength, courage, bravery, action & motivation into your life, helping you move past all fears & challenges with ease. It has been sealed with a charm, red ribbon & red candle wax, to ensure the longevity of its purpose.

The best locations to place your Brave Intention Jar include:

✽ Your living space - to bring courage & bravery into your home

✽ By your front door - to invite action & motivation inside

 In a carry bag - to help you face challenges & fears wherever you go

Or even inside of indoor plants - to inspire fearlessness & inner power to grow

You will receive one intention jar. Size is approx. 7.5cm x 2cm.
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