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Black Obsidian Natural

Black Obsidian Natural

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The Mirror Stone 

highly protective ~ shields against negative energy ~ promotes exploration into the unknown ~ purifying ~ grounding ~ cleanses the aura ~ cuts emotional cords ~ prophecy, divination & vision ~ unveils truth


Price is for one piece, selected intuitively  l    Size: approx. 5cm x 4cm
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Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful & protective stones of all. Its reflective quality not only shields against negative energy, but also reveals hidden truths & subconscious blockages. This is the perfect stone to use alongside shadow work, as it invites you to uncover your flaws, weaknesses & fears. It holds a direct yet deeply healing energy, encouraging you to recognise what is holding you back & cut ties with patterns, people or situations that bring negativity into your life...

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