The Science Behind Crystal Energy ✵

For thousands of years, across almost every culture, crystals have been used to protect, adorn, decorate & heal. While they may be valued for their practical uses in both the modern & ancient world, these mined minerals also hold great importance to healers, spiritualist & curious collectors from across the globe. The practice of harnessing crystals as a source of healing or protection dates as far back as 400 BC. From the Ancient Egyptians burying Lapis Lazuli scarabs with their deceased in the belief that it would protect them in the afterlife, to Native American Tribes who used Turquoise to heal & shield them from evil spirits, the power of crystals holds a long & fascinating history. Today, precious & semi-precious gemstones are utilised for their healing benefits on a mental, physical & spiritual level. So what makes them so special & powerful? To understand, we must first talk about energy.

What is energy?

Energy is in all living things. The clothes you are wearing, the air you breathe, the floor beneath your feet - all of it is made up of tiny atomic particles that move & vibrate. This is energy. We are made up of literally nothing more than buzzing energy. Humans are made of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles, & those so-called particles are actually just vibrating energy. And just like everything & everyone else in the Universe, we all hold a unique vibrational frequency. Higher vibrations radiate positive energy; kindness, love & compassion, whereas lower vibrations emit negativity, fear, chaos, jealousy & hate. The vibration of humans is very unstable & very easily influenced, with small or major events altering our energy & causing us to feel run down, irritable, tired, anxious, out-of-sorts, or even impact our physical or mental health. This harmful or damaging energy can be caused by a multitude of factors such as stress & trauma. Social media, the news, global disasters, traffic, the weather, good news, bad news; all these can have an affect on our vibration. Additionally people, objects & spaces can hold negative energy. Just think about it, have you ever met someone who’s home or energy felt so warm & welcoming, & others who felt draining or unnerving? This is you picking up on the energetic field of others, also known as an aura. Surrounding yourself with people who vibrate at a low frequency can actually have a negative impact on your own energy.

So then, what makes crystals so special?

Crystals hold a special vibration & frequency, caused by their unique molecular composition. Because of this, these gems are the most stable, consistent & predictable vibratory natural material on Earth. Each one is unique, holding energies, thoughts & knowledge gathered over thousands or millions of years. They can positively transform, reshape, amplify, focus & absorb energy that we are exposed to in our environment & the energy that we are composed of. There is a reason why crystals are used in computers, TVs, cell phones, satellites, clocks, & so on. Just think, if crystals can have such an impact on the frequency of radio waves & can influence the world around them with their magnetic or piezoelectric properties, imagine what they can do for a person! Thoughts & intentions are also vibrations that can be directed towards a crystal, allowing them to help balance & support us on an energetic level. It is amazing to think how even our distant ancestors intuitively understood the power crystals hold. The energy of a stone can be experienced in many different ways. Some may feel a buzzing, heat, heaviness or wave-like movement when interacting with them, whilst others may notice a rush of emotions or flashes of colour.

what if i don't believe in crystal energy?

Although crystals have been harnessed as tools for healing & protection for thousands of years, there is limited scientific evidence to back up these claims. However, even if you aren’t totally sold on the concept of auras & crystal powers (like many sceptics aren’t), there is still strong evidence to suggest gemstones can be powerful companions. Neuroscientists & psychologists have stated that crystals are likely to be linked to the power of positive thought & have the ability to induce a placebo effect in the body. The belief in crystals alone & the strength of intention can work together to create a positive change & incredible impact on your overall wellbeing.

Whether you view stones as a way to be reminded of your intentions, as powerful sources of healing energy, or simply as beautiful pieces of art created by Mother Nature herself, it is clear that these gems hold a valuable & special place within our lives.