How To: Choose a Crystal Intuitively? ✧

With such an abundance of choice, the process of discovering the right crystal for you can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, it is important to remember this:

“You don't choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you.”

If a crystal is meant for you, you will feel an instant attraction to it. Like a kind & loving companion, a gem will seek out whoever needs its support & find a way to let you know it is here to help. Maybe you feel drawn to its soothing or vibrant energy, intrigued by its hypnotising colours or enticed by its unusual formation. Whatever the case, each crystal carries a unique & special ability that will work alongside you & support you in the best way it can. While different crystals can be associated with certain properties, it is important to note that each piece relates to each of us differently. This is why it is beneficial to trust your own gut feeling & seek out a stone that feels ‘right’ to you. Try not to overthink when settling on a crystal; oftentimes the first one you notice is the one that is right for you. One helpful way to choose a stone is by tapping into your inner knowing or instinct. This method can be especially valuable for beginners & those who aren’t familiar with the common properties each crystal carries. Below are just a couple of ways of working with your intuition to discover your crystal companion:

✧ Gazing

Whether you are at a crystal shop, gem show or browsing online, use your gift of sight to notice any stones that catch your eye. You may feel as if the crystal ‘stands out’ in some unexplainable way. Maybe you have the urge to keep returning to look at it, maybe it seems to glow or gently shine at the corner of your eye. These signs often suggest the stone is in attunement with you. Afterwards, you may wish to find out more about your chosen crystal by reading its spiritual meaning. You might be surprised at how much it aligns with what you are looking for in your life right now.

✧ Scanning

Very slowly scan your open hand over the crystals, closing your eyes if you wish. Concentrate on the energy you feel in the space between your hand & the stones beneath you. A piece that is meant for you will reveal itself in some way, almost like a magnet. You may feel a warmth, coolness, pulling, tingling, vibrating or pulsing emanating over a certain area where your crystal companion is located.

✧ Hold In Your Hand

Similar to scanning, holding a stone in your hand helps you to connect with the energy of an individual crystal. If you are right-handed, you may wish to use your left hand & if you are left-handed, use your right hand. As you hold each piece in your palm, take a moment to breathe, close your eyes & go within. You may wish to ask it if, & why, it has chosen you. Listen & feel, you will notice a shift when you find the one.

✧ Muscle Testing

Muscle testing involves using your body & the energy of a crystal to determine if it is the right choice. There are many different methods, however the one we will discuss involves looping your thumbs & first fingers together. Ask the stone your question, e.g. “Are you the right crystal for me?” Now pull your fingers away in the opposite direction. If the answer is “yes,” your fingers will remain strong & the loop will not break. If the answer is “no,” the link will be weak & your fingers will pull apart easily.

✧ Falling Forward

While standing, hold the crystal in your hands & let them gently rest over your stomach area (in order to get in-touch with your gut instinct!) Tune into the energy of the crystal in your hands. If you find yourself pulling or leaning forwards, then that stone is meant for you. If you instead feel yourself leaning back, it isn’t.

✧ Pendulum Dowsing

Using a pendulum is an easy method for choosing a crystal as well as an excellent way of practicing your intuition. Ask your pendulum to show you which movement (clockwise or anti-clockwise) indicates a “yes” answer. To check your pendulums accuracy, you may wish to ask it a definitive question such as “Is my name __?” Now, hold your pendulum over each crystal in turn & ask a question such as “Is this crystal right for me?” As your pendulum begins to move, you will discover the crystal meant for you. If your pendulum swings back & forth, it may indicate an unknown response.

✧ Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes or lucky dips can be a great way of choosing a stone or set of stones based purely on their energy. By taking out the visual element, you will attune solely to the vibration of the crystals & choose exactly what is meant for you. Some people may dislike the look of a certain stone, but may in fact need the properties it wishes to provide, which is why mystery boxes can be incredibly beneficial.

Choosing A Crystal Based On A Specific Intention

Knowing your goal & desired purpose for a crystal can make the process of choosing your new stone a whole lot easier. Once you know your intention, you can use the following pages to find the perfect crystal for your needs.

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