How To: Cleanse Your Crystals ✹

While these beautiful little gems are astonishingly powerful, they have their limits, just like us all. Crystals are constantly transmitting, absorbing, & dispersing energy, which, in turn, can cause negative or old energy to build up within. This negativity can be absorbed from anyone or anything the crystal comes into contact with. Because of this, the stone’s vibration & ability to function correctly can become unpleasantly affected. You may find that if you don't clear your crystals, they will feel dull, heavy or weakened, & might even begin to show cracks or break. By cleansing your crystal, you revitalize & restore its power back to a pure & perfect state, ensuring it can work in the best way possible. Not only will a good cleanse & some spiritual TLC keep your gem strong & bright, but spending time nurturing & caring for your crystal can also help you to fortify the connection & bond you share.

The Best Times to Clear your Crystals

During its journey, a crystal travels from source to seller before landing in your hands. A lot of energy can become collected within the crystal along the way, which is why it is often advised to energetically clear your stones after bringing them home for the first time. How regularly you should cleanse your crystals is a completely personal choice, though many suggest finding time to do so at least once a month. This may be more or less depending on how often you use & work with your stones. 

There are a couple of situations where it may be wise to clear your crystal companion afterwards:

✽ if you notice any aforementioned changes like dull energy or cracks

✽ any time somebody else has touched or handled your stone

✽ if you intuitively feel called towards doing so

✽ after using them for a crystal healing treatment

✽ if you always wear or carry them throughout the day

  • With your crystals cleansed & rejuvenated, its now time to program your stone with love & intention.

    We hope you enjoyed learning all about crystal cleansing! 

    Natasha & Tamara xx

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