How To: Program Your Crystals ✶

Programming, or charging a crystal with intention, is a step commonly forgotten by most people. While not always necessary, programming allows you to work with your crystal to reach specific goals & dreams, making the stone a more useful & effective tool for manifestation. It is a way to “tune in” to your special crystal ally, clearly communicating what you would like it’s purpose to be. You are essentially giving your crystal a target to direct its powerful energy towards. It is important to note that your intention should follow the natural properties of the crystal. This is because you are harnessing its energy, not adding anything that isn’t there.

How to Program a Crystal with Intention?

Once you have found your crystal & cleansed it, find a quiet, peaceful environment that you feel safe & relaxed in. You may wish to light some incense or candles, & play some soothing music, in order to get into a clear & focused headspace.

TIP: The best time to send out your intentions & program your crystal include:

✶ On a New Moon.

✶ The 1st day of the month or the season (equinox/solstice). New Years Day is also a great time.

✶ (For the ladies!) During the Follicular phase of your cycle.

It is now time to set your intention. Think about how you’d like the crystal to work alongside you in your life. Feel free to write it down if you would like. As you hold your crystal in your hand, or over your third eye or heart, use your senses to visualize yourself turning this intention into reality. Now, let your crystal know what your desire is. Here are some examples to start with:

✶ I dedicate this crystal to…
✶ I program this crystal for…
✶ I charge this crystal with my intention of …
✶ I ask that this crystal assist me with ...
✶ I work together with this crystal to achieve ...

To finish off, recite the following statement:

"I dedicate this crystal to the highest good. May it work alongside me in love & light."

Finally, take a long, deep breath & send your deepest thanks to your crystal companion. You are now ready to take on the world together! Revisit & reset your crystal with these intentions regularly.

Additionally, you can also program a crystal before gifting it to a loved one, which makes your present extra special.


When done correctly, setting intentions can be far more effective than just making goals. Whether your dreams are large or small, it is important to state your intentions in a way that is simple, positive & focused on the here-and-now.

✶ Keep it short & simple. A memorable sentence or two with a clear focus will be far more effective.

✶ Utilise your vision & imagination. See yourself aligned with your higher purpose & living the life you want.

✶ Stay mindful of the language you're using. Embrace positive-wording.

✶ State your intentions in the present tense & use words such as "I" or "my." You may also wish to include statements such as "teach me,” or ”show me”

✶ Release expectation, doubt & fear. Surrender attachment regarding the outcome & questions related to the 'how.'

✶ Express gratitude & acknowledge your current blessings.

✶ Follow your intentions up with action!



"Show me how to be kinder & more loving towards myself."

"I dedicate this crystal to the following intention: I choose to love myself today."

"I open my heart to unconditional love."

"With the support of Rose Quartz, I give & receive love effortlessly."



"I work together with this Blue Calcite to forgive myself & set myself free."

"I allow myself time to rest, relax & enjoy my own company."

"I ask that this crystal assist me with discovering inner peace. I find time to feel relaxed & calm during the day."



"I have the courage to walk away, say goodbye & create a new path forward."

"I dedicate this crystal to transformation. I listen to the wisdom it channels & connect to the power of my Higher Self."

"My Moldavite brings me infinite luck & attracts a Universe of wealth & abundance."