Yellow Calcite

Also known as: Lemon Calcite

promotes self-esteem - strength - heals sorrow & sadness - prosperity - encourages positive thoughts - hope - happiness

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History & Origin:

Yellow Calcite is a stunning sunny variety of the calcium carbonate mineral Calcite. It can appear in different shades of yellow - from a true opaque yellow known simply as Yellow Calcite, to a vibrant, chartreuse yellow known as Lemon Calcite. This stone likely gets its warm colouration from impurities of Hematite within.

Metaphysical Properties:

Yellow Calcite is one of the happiest & warmest stones around. Known as ‘The Champagne Stone’, it is not only a fitting name for its colour, but also for its fun, vibrant energy. With Yellow Calcite, everyday feels like a wonderful celebration. This stone brings optimism, joy, positivity & excitement into your life. It can inspire happiness on bad days, reminding you that the sun will always shine again. Yellow Calcite brings hope, strength & positive thinking, especially when dealing with feelings of shame, guilt & sadness. It increases self-worth & can  give power to affirming words. Associated strongly with the Solar Plexus, as well as the Sacral & Crown Chakras, this stone lessens feelings of tiredness & amplifies energy, creativity, inspiration & inner power. This stone reminds you to have fun & enjoy life to the fullest. 

How to use:

Carry with you to inspire happiness, fun, positivity & self-confidence. Hold whilst saying affirmations to bring power & belief to your words. Keep in your home to amplify energy & invite a little sunshine & joy into your space, especially during the cold, winter months.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight & contact with water.