break cycles or repetitive patterns - inner peace - genuine happiness - supports pregnancy - past life exploration - heart healing - universal love - encouragement - karmic relationships

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History & Origin:

Variscite is a rare hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral that displays a yellowish green to aqua colour. It crystallises in the form of masses & gets its exceptional hue from Chromium impurities. Commonly mistaken for Turquoise, it gets its name from Variscia - the historical name of the Vogtland district in Saxony, Germany, where it was first found in 1837. It can be found in a variety of other locations including the USA, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Poland & Spain.

Metaphysical Properties:

Variscite connects to the Higher Heart Chakra to inspire universal connection, healthy relationships & inner harmony. Its loving vibration can bring feelings of genuine happiness, excitement & love into your life. This stone holds a unique property that encourages you to recognise cycles or patterns carried not only in this life, but over from previous incarnations as well. It inspires you to break free from the constraints of these karmic cycles in order to grow & heal. It is particularly useful for connecting with souls from your past lives in order to uncover spiritual lessons. Furthermore, it can act as a magnet, bringing into your life powerful soul relationships & friendships. Known as the ‘Encouragement Stone,’ Variscite can instil within you the belief & courage to exist honestly & from a place of pure love. It can also offer support during pregnancy, inspiring luck, healthy growth & inner peace.

How to use:

Pair with other high-vibe stones such as Seraphinite, Chrysoprase or Danburite to invite universal love & healing. Use during mediation to uncover past-life memories & reveal karmic patterns or cycles. Carry with you to draw soul relationships into your life.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight

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