Also known as: Epidote Granite

balancing - brings past issues to the surface - encourages patience - relieves stress - healing - nurturing - invites compassion - inner transformation - insight

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History & Origin:

Unakite is a metamorphic rock that is mostly comprised of green Epidote, pink Orthoclase Feldspar, & milky Quartz. This coarse grained granitic rock can also contain a wide range of other minerals such as Zircon, Apatite & Magnetite. It was named after the Unaka mountain range in the USA where it was first discovered. However, it has since been discovered in a variety of locations such as Brazil, China & South Africa. It is prominently used in architecture as tiles or trimming, & even has practical use in road & highway construction when crushed.

Metaphysical Properties:

Unakite is a balancing & nurturing stone, great for relieving stress & negative patterns or habits. Its unique colour mix of green Epidote & pink feldspar, makes it both striking & beautiful. The pink within this crystal radiates compassion & love, whereas the green provides the ability to heal, grow & prosper. With these two energies working together, Unakite has the ability to bring balance, peace of mind & abundance. It also helps the individual to overcome past challenges & reopen the Heart Chakra to others & to oneself. If there are any past patterns or issues holding you back, this stone can bring them to the surface & encourage healing & forgiveness. It can increase patience, determination & resilience during challenging times. Known as the ‘Growing Stone,’ Unakite can also inspire growth on a spiritual level as well as within your career & finances. 

How to use:

Place the stone near plants or in your garden to encourage growth. Carry one with you to remind you to live in the present & let go of old emotional hurts. Place one in your purse or wallet to encourage financial abundance.

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