Tiger Eye

protective - enhances willpower - brings courage - supportive - attracts good luck & happiness - strength - resilience - endurance - support - success

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History & Origin:

Tiger Eye, also sometimes called Tiger's Eye, has been used for centuries, from Roman soldiers carrying the stone to bring them bravery & courage in battle, to the Ancient Egyptians who believed it brought protection, truth & divine vision. It is comprised of Crocidolite fibres (a type of asbestos mineral, believe it or not!) replaced by Quartz, which gives this stone its hypnotic & beautiful golden chatoyant effect, known as cat's eye.

Metaphysical Properties:

This is a crystal of prosperity & good fortune that also helps to overcome fear & anxiety. It radiates warmth, confidence & optimism, inspiring creativity, passion & new ideas. Since Tiger Eye holds the power of the Sun, it can help to bring happiness during dark times. As a stone of personal power, this crystal can help you feel strong, grounded & supported when dealing with stressful situations or people. Tiger Eye gives you the courage to transform hardship or difficulty into success. It shows you what you truly desire & gives you the willpower & energy to take the steps to reach your dreams.

How to use:

Keep one in your workspace to bring inspiration & motivation. Hold in your hand to help you overcome any challenges with strength, power & courage. Carry one with you to bring success, protection & good luck.  

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