Also known as: Rosaline Zoisite

love - dispels judgement - joy - empathy - healing - generosity - releases self-destructive behaviours - acceptance - personal power - enhances self-esteem - passion

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History & Origin:

Thulite is a calcium aluminium silicate mineral & a member of the Zoisite family. First discovered in Norway in 1820, this striking pink stone was named after Thule, a mythological land closely associated with Scandinavia. It is the national gemstone of Norway, although deposits can also be found in Australia & the United States. The brilliant rosy hue of Thulite is caused by the element manganese within its composition.

Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal radiates love, gratitude, passion & kindness. Its pink rays of healing light assist in mending pain from the past & replaces any resentment or guilt with acceptance & forgiveness. Thulite urges you to face negative experiences, rather than hide from them, in order to grow & move forward. It is especially helpful to those who have faced neglect, abandonment, loss or trauma, as it can remind you to find hope, illumination & understanding in times of darkness. This crystal can release self-destructive behaviours & negative thought patterns. It enhances inner power & allows you to find love, worth & confidence within yourself. A stone of generosity & empathy, it brings comfort & support during difficult times, like a nurturing hug. It also inspires a greater connection to other people & the world, helping you to focus more on the beauty that surrounds you.

How to use:

Hold in your hand to inspire a passion for living, contentment, happiness & joy. Place over the Heart Chakra to bring emotional healing, support & love. Gift to a loved one to enhance connection & devotion.